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Who We Are

We believe in Big City Energy. From the bright lights to the bustling streets, the smells of the local cuisine, the colors of the landscape, the melting pot of locals and visitors alike all bring forth a uniqueness special to that particular city, of which many of us hold dear. Our highly stylized metro maps are created in the likeness of a circuit board. And like a circuit board or neural network, all circuits work together for a common goal. We are the energy that powers the city. You could say we create the city, and the city creates us.

Our Products

Our contemporary metro maps are digitally hand-drawn and copyrighted original works of art, printed on responsibly sourced FSC certified paper from sustainably managed forests. Personalization is available for gifting to that special someone. Our Posters are printed on demand in over 30 countries around the globe, cutting down on inventory waste, shorter transportation distances and reduced carbon emissions. We believe in sustainability, and strive to bring you the best quality products while sourcing sustainable materials and business partners. We hope our products bring you joy for years to come.

Give Back

We believe in giving back. This year, as our cities are rebuilding after the devastating effects of the pandemic, we are pledging to donate a portion of our proceeds to help with these efforts and bring back our cities to their full glory. Restaurants have been one of the hardest hit industries, and also one of the most integral parts of our cities. For this reason, we are donating a portion of our proceeds to non-profits who not only provide relief to individual restaurant workers, non-profit organizations serving restaurant workers in crisis, and zero-interest loans for restaurants to get back up and running, but also working to change the dynamic of the restaurant industry with sustainable living wages, gender equity, racial justice, and mental health support.

Collection list


My wife and I bought the New York and Washington DC prints a long long time ago, they are still some of our favorite pieces of art, as they are a history of the places my wife and i have lived.

Kevin E.

I see the six posters I have every day and they bring me a lot of joy, especially because they remind me of the places I'd like to visit (or have lived in) while I'm relatively homebound during the pandemic.  My mother jokes that it looks like I live in a travel agency.

Carol J.

These maps are my jam! I have taken many backpacking trips to Europe, and Berlin has my heart. Each subway line and stop, a reminder of my amazing time there and love for the city.

Jenna C.