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About Us

Line Posters is based in Los Angeles, CA, the city of dreamers.  We look to provide you with the coolest City Metro Map art out there, with meaning and significance behind every piece of art and product.    

Not only do the metro maps illustrate a highly stylized version of the city's metro line in the likeness of an electrical circuit board, but the maps also offer a deeper meaning of oneness and power.  We are the electricity that powers these cities, we become the city, and the city becomes us.  We hope that every time you admire your art, you'll be reminded of how much of an impact you truly have on the city you love.

In that same vein, we've selected high-quality, sustainable product materials and partners, to do our part in being responsible retailers.  We are also pledging to donate a portion of our proceeds to non-profits that help our cities and the people of the cities.  This year, we will be donating to restaurant non-profits who are working to change the dynamic of the restaurant industry with sustainable living wages, gender equity, racial justice, and mental health support.  

We are pleased you found us, and hope you'll stay a while.                                                                                                       

-Stephania Halikas, CEO of Line Posters Inc.